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Practice the Letter Y

Practice the Letter Y

Grade Level: Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st Grade

If you're working on the letter Y with your child or students, this worksheet is a must for your lesson.

No need to download the entire Alphabet Fun workbook (which is available), but instead print this one page to use as a supplement in conjunction with your curriculum.

It offers repetition for practicing upper case and lower case, reinforces the beginning sound of the letter, and brings in the additional learning competency of using specific colors.

Individual letter printables are useful when you're looking for several activities for a letter of the week or something similar so you don't have to pull out a specific letter worksheet from a large pack to print separately. This is especially helpful if you are working on specific letters of the alphabet.

If you prefer to download the complete Alphabet Fun workbook with 26+ pages, you can find it here. 

To get the best value out of this printable, laminate it at home and use them over and over without having to print them each time. 

My favorite laminator is inexpensive and will save you hundreds of dollars in printing over the years. Use dry erase markers and a dry erase eraser and you will be able to use your printables for months before needing to print and laminate them again.

Once laminated, the worksheets will need a good cleaning every so often. Use glasses lens wipes to make your laminated printables look brand new.

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